September 30, 2011

National Mud Pack Day

Today is National Mud Pack Day! Yes folks, there is such a thing, I looked it up. Mainly I was looking for random holidays to play around with and that is what I found out. Now, I could go into detail of what the holiday is for, and what it means, but I'll just let you go to the website and read about it yourself. In the meantime, let's get excited about the amazing color of mud in various forms and the items made of the sticky stuff.
Yes, even men celebrate with mud packs!

Making mud pies is a favorite with children.

There are even festivals for mud (Boryeong Mud Festival)
However, my favorites have to be the items created in the color of mud. . . I love these:

Crochet Adjustable Neck Cuff - Chocolate

Detox Dead Sea Mud & Bentonite Clay Cold Process Luxury Soap Bar

Facial Dead Sea Mask - Sweet Mud
 Go play in the mud today and enjoy! Happy National Mud Pack Day!!


Additionsstyle said...

A National Mud Pack Day seems weird, but I have looked up holidays before and there are lots of weird ones out there, so why not a mud pack day.

I love all your cool finds, in all those beautiful shades of brown.

Have a great weekend!
Everyday Inspired

Sher said...

This is too funny! Did you celebrate "National Hairball Awareness Day" on April 29th? Yes, this is true. It was on our calendar at work. I work for a veterinarian.

What will they think of next?