November 4, 2011

Crochet Neck Warmer - Aqua

This amazing crochet neck warmer is perfect for the Fall and Winter seasons. It's stylish and it keeps your neck protected from the blustery weather. Awhile back I did a product review on the neckwarmers, in my shop, that go around the neck. They are perfect if you have a coat that buttons all the way up. But if you have a coat, like mine, that has a V-front, this neckwarmer is the one you want!

It's perfect to cover your neck down the "V" giving you maximum warmth. The color and texture just make a fun piece to have in your accessories arsenal.
Come get it while it's still available, because once it's gone, that's it!! If you're looking for other neck warmer styles "click here" I have a few that you may like!

1 comment:

Zu said...

Gorgeous, I love the color! :-)