November 13, 2008

Adjustable Neckwarmer - Product Review

This morning I put on my coat and my adjustable neckwarmer to face the day. When I got outside, I had to pull my coat tighter because the temps outside hovered around freezing. After getting into my car and adjusting/re-adjusting my neckwarmer I decided to do a product review.

Why? Because I'm going to start doing product reviews for other items, I might as well start with mine.

This adjustable neckwarmer is adjustable because instead of making a buttonhole and putting a button in a specific place, I put hooks on the end so it can hook onto itself anywhere along the body. I found doing it that way made it more "one size fits all" rather than "one size fits those who's necks are about the same size as mine".

I think that feature sets it apart from other neckwarmers. Since I've had my neckwarmer from the beginning of the Fall/Winter season, I think I have a pretty good sense of it's benefits and drawbacks.

- It's incredibly soft and not at all scratchy because it's made with 100% soft acrylic yarn
- It's machine washable, so it's easy to care for
- Because it's adjustable, you can wear it as snug or as loose as you'd like, garnering different looks at different times
- When you hook it to a specific place, it tends to stay hooked
- It can be worn indoors without your coat, as an added "cozy"
- It's easy to carry in your purse, pocket or bag.

- If you have an open lapel coat (like I do) it will keep your neck warm, but not your chest
- The hook could be a bit bigger
- It does not adjust well to positions that are not "around" your neck

Overall, I love my neckwarmer. I wear it indoors and out and find it easy to carry. I probably won't wear it much with my open front coat, but I think it's perfect for my ski jacket and my other jackets that come up a but higher than my coat.

I would suggest that if all your coats have a large open front like mine (pictured here), you don't consider this item but you consider a chunky scarf or a cowl if you don't want the bulk of a scarf.

So that's what I think. As much as I'd like to tell everyone they should have this piece, if it doesn't work with the type of outerwear you own, you won't be happy, and therefore, I won't be happy. It's all about being happy with your purchase!

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