November 2, 2011

Published! Interweave Crochet Accessories 2011

In January of this year, my life was on the verge of taking a new turn. I was seven months pregnant with my baby girl and I had just picked up my hooks and yarn again in a more serious way. I was looking through my bucket list and right there in black and white were the words "publish a book of crochet patterns". I'd almost forgotten about that desire because my life and spun in a different direction a year and a half earlier. However, upon seeing that entry I was ready to take the plunge, but I felt I needed to take a few "baby steps" first.

At about mid-January, I decided I didn't have to wait for the perfct time. Right now, while I had the idea and the opportunity, was the perfect time, I'd make it work. I was going to submit a pattern for consideration to a magazine and see if I could get it published there.

I'd just finished a piece that I loved and wanted to put in the online shop but decided to hold off. I submitted the pattern and waited. This being a new thing to me, I almost forgot about the submission until March 28th, 2011. Why do I remember that date? Because I was experiencing labor pains on that day and felt miserable. I was excited that it was almost time to have my baby, but I was not a happy camper with lots of aches and pains. Then when I looked at my email, there was a message from the editors of Interweave Crochet saying:
"We'd like to include your 21st Century Hooded Scarf in the Accessories 2011 issue."
I was still in pain, but that made my day! I was thrilled!!! The step I'd boldly taken toward my goals had just panned out and my baby was on the way! I quickly responded with:
I'm so excited to hear that you're interested in publishing my pattern. I have read your email and think I can achieve all that you ask. . . .
I look forward to hearing from you again soon!
Sedruola aka "Sedie"
P.S. you made my day... I'm currently in pre-labor and this news just made my load a bit lighter!
It truly did make my day. . . I had my baby girl 6 days later on April 3rd, received the yarn and contract during my maternity leave and was able to complete everything before going back to work in June.

Fast forward to today! The Interweave Crochet Accessories 2011 issue has just been released and my pattern looks amazing!!
I'm planning on hosting a crochet along in January, a year after taking the leap of faith, because I know how crazy the Holiday Season can get! I'd love for you to join me! Look for details coming soon!

I went in knowing I was already a designer. Whether they accepted the pattern or not, it was going to be shared with the public. The reason it's so great to be published, is because you can reach a wider audience and in some ways feel validated in what you have set out to do.

I've submitted other patterns that have not been accepted, but I don't worry about it, I just design and keep moving. Next summer I'll be published in another national magazine and that is just as sweet! As the ideas come and the patterns flow, I'm a happy camper. Sharing with others and creating beautiful pieces. . . what could be better than that?!

Thanks for YOUR support and I hope you enjoy the pattern! Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear your feedback. . . whatever it is!!


Brooke Shambley said...

Congrats! That must be so exciting for you.

Additionsstyle said...

How exciting, congratulation! Your work is amazing, keep on designing.
Everyday Inspired

Susana said...

Hola. Tiene que ser tan calentito¡¡¡¡ y el color es precioso¡¡¡
Un saludo.

Rie said...

Oh wow! That's really exciting for you! ... what's next, The Martha Stewart Show?!! Congrats, once again!