March 1, 2012

Knit Chunky Scarf - Free Pattern

This was one of the first patterns I ventured to write. This knit chunky scarf is also a staple in my closet. I love it! I made myself one a few years back and it still gets tons of compliments simply because it is very impressive. I've sold several copies of this pattern, but now I'm retiring it from my shop(s) and giving it to you here for free! Why? Well a couple of reasons: 1) I want to focus my shop and efforts on crochet so I'm slowly retiring all knitting patterns. I love to knit, but I can't get as much done in that medium as I can in the limited time I have to crochet; 2) I love the supportive handmade community and sometimes you gotta give something back to show your love.

So here is the Knit Chunky Scarf Pattern for your enjoyment! You can also download a free copy if you're on Ravelry.


- Size 11 needles
- Size I9 crochet hook
- 2 Balls Wool Ease Thick & Quick® or comparable yarn

Pattern Level:
- Beginner

Pattern Stitches:
K = Knit
P = Purl

Finished Length:
6 ft. or more


Cast on 16 sts
Cut 32 14’ pieces of yarn for fringe
Row 1: k across
Row 2: p across
Row 3: k across
Repeat rows 1-3 for pattern until 25” of yarn remain
Bind off
Weave Ends

Use two pieces of the previously cut yarn and loop through every other stitch along the edges using I9 crochet hook.

For men, the fringe may be excluded and the overall body made longer by repeating until yarn is exhausted and weaving in the ends.

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Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Looks so warm and cozy!