February 29, 2012

Workout Wednesday - Progress Report #2

It's that time again! Time to get excited about the progress being made every day! Yes, I'm still working toward my goals. Yes, I'm still excited. Yes, it's going well and yes, it isn't always easy...

I think one of the main reasons I keep going is because I know that at the end of each month I have to give you a progress report. I can't give you a progress report, if I'm not progressing. Another major reason I keep going, and I'm still excited is that I am seeing real results! I feel great and I'm seeing improvements in the way I fit into my clothes. Those two reasons keep me getting up earlier in the morning and doing what needs to be done. What about you? What's kept you going on your goals?

Exercise: Walking 1 mile per day, 53 jumping jacks, 35 crunches
Water: 2.5 bottles per day (more than 6 glasses of additional liquids throughout the day)
Vitamins: 1 every day
Goal Measurements
Waist - 29 (down from 29.5 last month) goal - 25
Hips - 37.5 (steady from last month) goal - 35 (I'm reassessing this goal because as I work out, I notice I'm getting more muscle, less fat, and staying steady, this may be my new normal)
Weight - 119 (steady from last month, within goal range)

As you can see things are progressing nicely. So far so good. My incentive gift was to go get my hair done at a salon! I went on February 17th to Diva Salon in Leominster, MA and got my hair blown straight and a badly needed trim. My hair is looking great (not straight anymore) and feeling good. Next month I'm not sure what the incentive will be, but I'm liking this "treating" myself thing...

I'd love to hear about what you're doing. Remember, every new day is a chance to start new! It's not about how much you do to keep healthy, it's about taking small steps toward your goal. If you do one squat with the intention of getting to 20 squats, you're doing great!


Additionsstyle said...

Good for you, it sounds like you are doing great! Having special incentives always helps keep you going. I would have loved to see your hair :)
Everyday Inspired

Nancy said...

That's nice- to treat yourself once you've accomplished goals! I agree- you have to find little ways to motivate yourself along the way. I'm glad you've been having so much success!