April 9, 2012

Pinterest Project Weekend

This past weekend, besides being Easter, was also the weekend we celebrated my baby girl turning 1 year old! So, both Saturday and Sunday were filled with family fun and activity. Prior to the weekend I took on Pinterest to see if there were any projects I could effectively pull off and found that with a bit of help there was plenty I could do.
Found on Pinterest from Budget Bytes
First, on Saturday we were haveing family over after church to celebrate our little girl's dedication. I wanted to feed everyone, but I didn't want to fuss over a stove for a long time since I also had to entertain and do plenty of other things. So my sister and I made these lovely lasagna roll-ups and my sister-in-law make an amazing salad and we got rave reviews! Making these roll ups was one of the best ideas ever! We went out to purchase the ingredients and it took us about 2 hrs to get them all made and ready.

We put a lot more filling in each roll so they looked a bit "fatter" than these and they were yummy. So after having been throughly impressed with myself, I was very confident I could pull off the next two projects which were to take place the following day.

Idea on Pinterest recipe at Betty Crocker
On Easter Sunday we celebrated our baby girl so for her cake I had no desire, or time to bake a full cake and frost it. So I found images of these on Pinterest and decided they would be perfect. . . they were! It was so easy for my little girl to hold and eat her cake without making a huge mess and without having to stay in her "seat" she walked around with it and ate without getting it all over everything. All the kids (and the adults) loved the idea.

Idea found on Pinterest via Martha Stewart
Finally for decorating, I found these daffodil cutouts and thought it would be great so I downloaded the template, printed it and cut them out. They turned out really cute for a spring birthday party.

So there you go! My weekend brought to you by Pinterest. If you haven't joined yet, let me know and I'll send you an invitation (the easiest way to get on), then follow me and share what you love!


Anonymous said...

Wow, how cool! Those cakes are just way too adorable. Glad you had a lovely weekend!

Additionsstyle said...

Gotta love Pinterest. Great finds I am sure everyone enjoyed all the creativity. The ice cream cone cake is ingenious.
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