April 11, 2012

Workout Wednesday's - Tweaking the Routine

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Every Wednesday I adjust my routine according to what my needs may be. If you've been keeping up you know that I'm walking, doing jumping jacks, crunches and sit-ups. This morning as I was walking (after adding a minute to my walk) and thinking about my goals I realized I needed to change a few things. I'm already at my goal weight, it's a matter of staying within my range. I'm also very comfortable with not reducing my hip size since it would entail trying to be my 20 year old self and I'm pretty happy now. My problem area is my middle. I want to strengthen my core and in so doing lose my pouch.

Therefore this morning I made a few changes that I think are going to help me continue on my health path, and also really target my "problem area" the abs. I've taken away the jumping jacks because my shape ups are doing wonders for my legs, buttocks and thighs as I walk so I'm not sure I need the jumping jacks. I've added push-ups, and scissor legs to my crunches and sit-ups as well as a Pilates plank style position that really works the core.

One thing that re-assessing and tweaking does is it re-ignites the excitement for the routine. When a routine becomes just "routine" it looses it's lustre. I'm really looking forward to the new exercises and seeing their effects. I'm starting with 20 push-ups, 20 scissor legs, 20 seconds of the plank hold, 30 crunches and 16 sit ups. . . let's see how it goes.

I'm also about incorporating easy activities throughout my day so I take the stairs, park so I can walk an extra few steps and now I've decided to get myself an exercise ball (as seen in the photo) to use as my "chair" at my desk at work. Every little bit counts and it helps to keep me poised and hopefully with a strong core.

Oh Yeah, and here's my shoe! I purchase and wore them over the weekend and loved it!

If you're just joining this journey, click here to see all previous Workout Wednesday posts. I'd love to hear about the progress you've made in your health journey!


Anonymous said...

Wahoo, go you! Lovely shoes- glad you're enjoying them! Reassessing goals and how to get there is really great. Don't know if you're into DVD workouts, but one that I got a few years ago and do religiously is by Jackie Warner. She has 3 segments, upper body, lower body, & abs, but the abs part is AMAZING. It kicks your butt and works out all 3 sections- upper, lower abs & obliques separately. I actually got the emergencies of a 6 pack from it- crazy!

Additionsstyle said...

Reassessing is always a good idea. When I go to the gym I change up my routine daily. That way I am always working different muscles and adding more difficultly daily. Your shoes look fantastic, I hope you enjoy wearing them all summer!
Everyday Inspired

Anonymous said...
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