November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

Today is November 4, 2008. In the United States we get to use our vote to usher in a new era for our Country.

I am voting today because I am black, and many black men and women suffered and died so that I could have this opportunity today.

I am voting today because I am a woman, and many women suffered long and hard, so that I could cast my voice into the pool of American voices.

I am voting today because I am a United States Citizen, born and bred, and because I love my country.

I am voting today because it is my right to make my vote count.

I am voting today for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, because they represent a future for my family, especially my son, that I can believe in. Because I believe we as a Country are headed in a direction that cannot end well, and I want to change that course.

So whatever reason you have today to vote, make sure you do. If you don't vote, you cannot have an opinion, good or bad, for what happens to the future of this Country, your Country.

I may not agree with your choice of candidate, but those same people that died for me, died for you. So whoever you vote for today, make your voice count, make their tears meaningful, and their blood worthy of the dropping.

I'll see you tomorrow, in a new America, no matter what the outcome . . . every election is a chance to change course.

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Christine Marie said...

Here's hoping we get our wish...