November 3, 2008

More stuff to show

Every so often I actually have the time to not only photograph my completed project, but to show them here. I'm so excited that I had the chance to do quite a bit of work this weekend on my "yarny" projects.

This really chunky and long dark green scarf is part of my effort to design and make more items for the men in my audience. I have a husband and son who I think deserve as much attention as I get, so this scarf helps me move in that direction. It's about 6.5 feet long and really warm. It's made with a wool/acrylic blend yarn that is amazingly warm. It's up on Etsy so you have the opportunity to make it yours! It is also available as a custom item with your color choices.

This soft, snuggly item is the cotton candy cowl listed in the "what I'm working on" section in the sidebar ----> It's so warm and snuggly, you'll just love it! Made from a soy, wool, and acrylic blend yarn, it's perfect for indoor and outdoor wearing just to have that cozy feeling. Available at my Etsy Shop.

Finally, but not least are the beautiful wristwarmers I made specifically for my niece. I have completed her pair and got an extra pair in the process that may be gone before they actually hit the market! These are soft, fingerless and warm for easy mobility. They are an item I offer with custom color options since there are so many fantastic colors to choose from.

So there you have my latest completed projects. . . I know I still have one or two to show you, but I haven't had the opportunity to process them completely yet. Rest assured, once I do, you'll be the first to see them here.


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Christine Marie said...

Sedie these are all so beautiful. You use the loveliest colors. BTW, Tag You're It!