November 24, 2008

Monday Treasures

I have so much fun putting these treasuries togther because it gives me an opportunity to really search the Etsy-sphere!

This was the treasury I had the opportunity to put together last week. . . "Purrrrple Eye Candy"
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The Muses Jewels
Wild Indian Cowgirl
Jennifer Locke Designs
Alyson 1234
Moi Minerals
Ollies Woollies
Sky Girl Style
The Duchess Collection
Missis Kwittys
Andrea Hoglund
Maddy And Me
Jill ReDesigns

What's more fun than putting treasuries together, is being in them. Last week I had the honor of being part of three treasuries!!! Thanks to those curators for showcasing my work with such lovely items.

"All Things Lovely" curated by CBPoole

"Bad Cabbage" curated by Just Charming

"Twitter" curated by The Naked Mushroom

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