December 23, 2008

Man's Poncho - Complete!

So, this project is finally done and will be on it's way, overnight, to it's final destination! I can't tell you how fun and yet stressful this project has been. My cousin ordered this for her hubby for Christmas. I took the order in October, but so much was happening that I didn't have the opportunity to move from design to implementation until December began. Then, things really got crazy!

So, I was going to offer to send a card, that let her hubby know this was coming, but that it would arrive by mid-January. However, I hate to disappoint a customer. I also got a big break when we lost power for 48-hours and all I could do during the day was crochet! I worked my little fingers to the bone and was able to get this done yesterday. I am very happy with the way it turned out, and upon seeing the photos my cousin loved it too! Now it's all about what her hubby thinks.

Since he's a bit wider than my hubby/model I think it will lay wider along the top, but otherwise, it should fit perfectly. Yes, this will be available in my Etsy shop, when I re-open, as a custom item. It will likely be one of my more expensive pieces, but well worth it to have something not easily found anywhere and totally handmade!

Technique: Crochet
Yarn: 100% Acrylic
I think I used over 45 ozs. of yarn . . . not sure of the yardage, but it's like making two lapghans at once!

Be sure to look for this in my shop soon!

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Anonymous said...

Oh this is really very cool. I would totally wear this here in New York for the winter!! I have such a great love for anything knitted or crocheted- my Mom & Grandmother did both & since they passed away, I miss having stuff made - Your work is so fantastic & it makes me happy to see that it's still strong & your making beautiful items !

Happy Holidays & bright New Year!