March 10, 2011

Customer Photos!

A few weeks ago Sara contacted me via convo at my Etsy Shop because she was having a bit of trouble with my hat pattern. I know sometimes the wording in a pattern can be confusing, which is why I always work on answering pattern questions quickly. Nothing like being in the middle of a pattern and not knowing what you did wrong or where to go from there. But I digress. . . I responded to her inquiry as soon as I could and told her not to worry, she'd surely get it done right.

Well, not that long afterwards I got another convo from her stating that she had indeed completed the hat and that her daughter loved it! Not only that, she improvised and added a strap with buttons to embellish the brim. She also let me know she was going to make a bunch more to sell at her daughter's school for a craft fair!
As you can see, she did an amazing job and it excites me to see her loving the pattern so much she wants to continue to work it over and over again!

If you've worked up one of my patterns, whether it's a free one from the blog or one that you've purchased, I'd love to see photos of your finished project! It's eye candy and everyone would love to see what personal touches you put on the project. Just email me, or contact me via Etsy and I'll take it from there.

Congratulations Sara on getting the project done over and over again! I'm so happy it worked out for you and I hope the craft fair is a huge success!!!

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