June 15, 2011

How to read a crochet pattern

Thank you for your interest in the How to Read a Crochet Pattern / Free Pattern tutorial. It has been moved to Yarn Obsession's new home on the web. Please follow the link below to this exact post at it's new home.


NumareDesigns said...

Thanks for this info, however what if a pattern is written like this:

Row 1: chain 45
Row 2: SC (single crochet) in the back loop of each chain for the next 40 chains until only 5 chains remain.

My question is after I chain the 45 am I supposes to assume that I should chain 1 and then turn to do the other steps in the pattern?

Sedruola Maruska said...

Hi NumareDesigns, the answer to your question is it depends. If you are going to be continuing with single crochet (sc) in the pattern, then yes, you need to chain 1, turn and continue. However, the pattern should say that and not let you assume. I hope that helps, if you need more information, send me an email at smaruska34[at]gmail[dot]com.