June 10, 2011

How I learned to crochet

Crochet Your WayIt has all become a blur to me, but I can reasonably say that about 9 years ago I met my then boyfriend's grandmother and decided to learn to crochet. What did I do? I went to Barnes & Noble and purchased the book pictured here, I then went to Michael's and purchased a skein of yarn and a hook. My first project was a scarf for my husband (you can read all about it here) that I still have a bittersweet relationship with today. After that first project it's a blur of gifts and trips to the yarn store and stashing away yarn etc. . . but I digress, I started telling you how I learned.

After purchasing my "tools" I sat down and as I read, I did. I learn best while doing or from watching someone else do, so since I didn't have anyone to show me, I just keep working my piece over and over again. I worked the chain until it was even, then I worked the single crochet until it was right. . .etc. you get the idea. Just like anything, if you don't keep working till you get the results you want, then you're not really doing what needs to be done. What I realized in the process of learning to crochet was that I had an aptitude for it. It came easily to me and I evolved quickly.

For several years I was making projects to give away (my bridesmaids all got afghans from me) baby blankets, coats, buntings etc. Then at some point, life got in the way and I did less. Between 2009 & 2010 I'm not sure I made many items at all. But life has once again changed, I'm equiped with more information and things are looking "Yarny" again.

I'm teaching two of my neices how to crochet and I'm hoping to develop a beginners course to teach at local yarn shops. All this because I met a kind lady who inspired me to "learn something new".

What new thing have you learned recently and what inspired you?

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