June 7, 2011

Introducing "Amber"

Some of you may remember back in February when I had the “Show yourself some love” contest if you did a few things to help get the word out about my Facebook page and blog. I had a great time running that contest because in the end I knew there would be one lucky winner who could choose whatever they wanted from the Etsy Shop. Well at the end of that contest Amber Gintare was the winner and she decided to get her very own, custom made Knit Chunky Collar. I got busy and got it done before having my baby, but it took several weeks to reach Amber in Lithuania. Just last week she contacted me to say that she’d received her package and in her own words:

“OMG, it's so amazing. literally my jaw dropped. . . from the picture I could see it was beautiful, but in real - it's above beautiful. I am loving it! Thank you so so so much for it. It's really amazing (and all the people I showed it to were amazed)”

How could I not be happy to have made it especially for her! She selected the yarn color and I just worked it up. Then, I asked that she send me photos and boy did she deliver! So, I decided to do two things, with Amber’s permission of course: 1) I’m renaming the wrap to “Amber”: 2) and I’m using her lovely appreciation photos as the ads for the custom wrap.

Introducing Amber, in her “Amber”

More contests coming soon!

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