August 31, 2011

Crochet Neck Warmer Cowl - Chocolate Brown and Cranberry Red - OOAK

Chocolate Brown and Cranberry Red Neckwarmer

This Crochet Neckwarmer / Cowl is soft, warm and stylish! Great for any season you need a hug around the neck. This crochet piece is "One Of A Kind" made in chocolate brown and cranberry red for ultimate pop! I started this piece while sitting in the park enjoying a beautiful summer day with my family.

The color combination just seemed to work so I decided to intertwine the yarns throughout the piece and create a One of a Kind Neckwarmer/Cowl. I also added vintage buttons for a "retro" feel. What do you think?

Crochet Neckwarmer Cowl

It's a hip crochet piece that is sure to please! Crocheted with soft worsted weight acrylic yarn, it's a lovely addition to your accessory collection.

Crochet Neckwarmer Cowl

One size will fit most. Because of it's scrunchy nature, it's a comfortable fit.

I'd love to hear what you think of the color combination? What do you think of the style? What color combinations would you like to see? What do you think about the price, it's currently listed for $34.97, do you think that's a fair price?

Believe me, if I'm asking the question, I'd love to hear the answer!

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