October 31, 2011

Pinterest Project - Apple Smiles

Last week I started telling you about the projects I've found on Pinterest that I've decided to try in real life. The last time it was a crayon project, this time it was a food project. I don't really have a problem getting my son to eat fruits, he's a big fan, but I figured he'd really get a kick out of making these cute apple smiles (or what turned into creepy smiles) so close to Halloween.

So while his cousin was visiting I decided we'd make these after Tae Kwon Do practice. We stopped at the supermarket to get some apples because we already had the peanut butter and marshmallows at home. Once we got home we got busy.

I cut the apples and made the first one so they could see how it was done, and after that they had a blast putting them together and eating them. It was the perfect snack full of giggles and fun. I will certainly do this again when I get the chance. . . after I've exhausted all other Pinterest projects, of course! Here are some photos of our adventure!

Getting it all together
One down, many to go
I did it!

Look at mine!

What about this?!
Simple and fun, that's my kind of project!!! Happy Halloween!

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Additionsstyle said...

I saw this project on Pinterest as well and it looks like a lot of fun. Looks like the kids really enjoyed creating their apple smiles.
Happy Halloween.
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