October 23, 2011

Pinterest Project - Melted Crayon Art

So, I've talked to you about Pinterest in this post. I know you've read it because I've gotten quite a few followers since that post. . . but if you haven't read it or started following me, here's your chance. Anyway, as I've been going through Pinterest and finding all sorts of lovely things, I've determined that if I don't get started on some of the items I've pinned on my "Cool Ideas" board, I'll get terribly behind and my kids will be too big to do them with me. Therefore, I decided to start and see if we can get on a roll!

Our first project from the board was the crayon melting project. My son is 5 years old and loves all things fast, furious, scary and destructive. So when I told him what we were going to do, after I purchased all the needed supplies, he was gung ho and ready to go! The project came from this site and looked so cool, I just had to try it.

First we gathered our supplies, crayons and a canvas. The nice thing about this project is, it didn't cost much. The crayons were less than $2 and the canvas was a small one bought in pairs so it was about $7. Then I had a blow dryer and a willing 5 year old!

I taped the crayons to the canvas (I'll have to do it a bit better next time) and gave my son his "gun" to shoot. We were off. As the colors began to melt, he asked me to do it while he just watched the action and it was so much fun seeing his little face light up with awe and intrigue.

Some things I learned in this process: 1) there is a reason you tape the whole crayon to the canvas and not half-way like I did, it keeps things neater; 2) having a larger canvas is certainly worth it since the wax can "fly" depending on how you position your "gun"; 3) crayons melt fast!

When we were done we had a really cool work of art that we now display in his "art display" area and he just loves to tell those who see it how it was done!

So there you have it, we are on our way to getting through my cool board one project at a time. . . and it makes for some great mommy and son bonding time!

Next project was wall painting!


Jana said...

My kids would so totally love this, what a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I am definitely a new follower and found you at So Unbelievable Fresh Blog hop. Well, your idea is indeed unbelievably fresh. I will be back for more. Jana

The wedding planner said...

nice idea!

Little Love said...

Messy & fun my son would love this!