January 6, 2012


Last year I stumbled somehow upon the most gorgeous shop! As I browsed through there wasn't one thing in the shop that didn't make me green with envy. I decided I had to give this shop some exposure so I contacted Alina about Antidotum to see if she would like to have a profile done. As you can see her answer was yes! So, it is my honor to share with you this most beautiful of shops and the very sweet Alina.

About myself:
I am an architect, interior designer, graphic artist and most recently a designer and creator of silver jewelry. I create original and unique jewelry which is often considered controversial, but it’s my passion to experiment with form and material.

In my art projects I look for contrast, cussedness and a playful wink. These are very modern designs, far from classical canon. Maybe because of that, they are not for everyone; but for sure, for those who in surrounding goods are looking for hilarious ones, causing a smile. And to those who have a bit of courage and broad-mindedness for new and uncommon products and ideas.

About my favorite items:
Felt Bracelet - it combines softness and colorfulness of felt with austerity and requirements of silver clasp. Combination of these, so different in every aspect, materials are a big challenge, both in aesthetic and technological aspect, however, it was great fun and a huge satisfaction to find an attractive and effective solution.

Favorite book:
Only one? Well, that's a really hard choice…for sure ”Mathematics of Nina Gluckstein” is one of the books I appreciate the most, but, of course there are many, many more.

Hm…. I don’t pay too much attention to food, but if I were supposed to choose something for dinner it probably would be an Italian dish.

If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?
As a matter of fact I’ve already made that decision. I’ve established a private school of design and manufacturing jewelry, though I wasn’t sure about it’s future. The school has been successfully developed and from the very first moment up till now has been bringing me great satisfaction, as well as to to the teachers and students.

Alina is offering 10% off on any purchase using promotional code: PROMOBLOG712

You will also find her online:

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