January 18, 2012

Workout Wednesday - Water

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In my ongoing effort to get healthier this year I decided to start with one small step and build from there.


Our bodies need water for all its processes and yet we don’t usually get enough. We’ve all heard it said that we need at least 8 8-ounce glasses of water each day but do we know what that means? I’d venture to say I thought it meant I’d never get enough water because 8 glasses of water a day seems overwhelming. Besides, why would we need that much? Turns out we lose water in so various ways, some we don’t really think of like breathing, so we need to replenish every day. So I did a bit of research to see what benefits I’d get and if this 8 8-ounce glass thing was true!

What I found
In doing research on the subject there was so much to absorb I decided to focus on what it would mean for me personally (I will provide links to relevant websites at the end of this post). Since I am an average woman, it seemed logical to go with the suggestions for that demographic. Now, keep in mind our needs vary depending on our activity, where we live and what we eat, so we all have different needs. In assessing my situation I found that if I drank 2 – 3 bottles of water a day, coupled with eating more fruits and vegetables, I could get my daily requirement. What’s that, well “average” women actually need about 9 8-ounce glasses of “fluid” a day and men need closer to 13! However, all fluids count! Some more than others, so if you drink two bottles of water and have two glasses of juice you’re ¾ of the way there for your day. If you’ve eaten fruits and vegetables you’ve probably gotten enough fluids for the day.

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What I’m doing
After doing the research I took my first step and started drinking at least 2 16-ounce bottles of water a day (equal to 4 glasses). Before this I wasn’t drinking much water and as I look back I can see some days when I didn’t get many fluids at all. Because the goal is to be healthier, those two bottles of water are going to make a difference. As I develop a new habit of getting enough fluids I’m more aware of what those fluids contain. So I drink more water and tea and less soda and juice only because I also want to reduce my excess sugar intake. . . more on that later.

Here are some useful links to articles that can help you develop a water/fluid plan that works for your lifestyle.

Mayo Clinic: Water-How much should you drink every day? The Importance of Water and Your Health
Water Cure: You're not sick, you're thirsty
How much fluid intake do you get each day? Have your habits changed? Tell me what you think in a comment or email.
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Additionsstyle said...

I drink a lot of water a each day and I have for a couple of years now. Last year I gave up soda, and juice and replaced them with water. Drinking water before, with, and after my meals made getting enough water each day a lot easier.
Thanks for the links! Lots of good information.
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