February 2, 2012

Remnant Yarn, One of a Kind Pieces

Bohemian Fashion Scarf
 Most yarn lovers I know cannot stand the idea of throwing out a final length of yarn. It may be just one yard, not enough to make anything, but we keep it in the hopes that one day it will come in handy. Last year, as I was working on "de-stashing" I came across quite a bit of these remnant pieces and wondered what could be done. There wasn't one pattern I had that could be worked with any one of the yarns alone.

After thinking about it, I began to sort the yarn into color groups. There were cool and warm tones, reds and blues, but basically I just put the colors that seemed to work best together into separate bags. Once that was done I decided I'd just start a project. I chained a base row and began using the Extended Single Crochet (exsc) to create whatever came to mind.

The first piece turned up a lovely Bohemian Fashion Remnant Scarf that is impossible to duplicate! Why? Because in order to duplicate it the artist would need to have the exact amount of each type of yarn and be able to create the same number of rows as this one. That would be extremely expensive and almost impossible to do. Yes, they can make another, but this piece is truly one of a kind.

Cowl in Whites
After making the scarf I decided it was an amazing thing to create one of a kind pieces from the remnants so I began to chain different lengths, join in a cicle and twist some. The results were a few amazing pieces that will never be duplicated. I would think it would be a bit of a cool thing to own a piece that although another may own the same shape, no one will ever own one exactly like it!

That little experiment has made me even more vigilant in keeping my remnant yarn pieces. They are now the building blocks of the most unique pieces I will create and that is not something to be readily discarded.

Pieces of Blue Mobious

Purple Majesty Cowl


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

I think everything handmade is pretty much one of a kind. No two people knit or crochet exactly the same even with the same pattern and yarn. I agree, though, that using remnants produces a truly original and one of a kind feel. I love the scarf -- so fun!

chellebanz said...

One of the most beautiful pieces I own was made out of scraps by my great grandmother. And thread scraps to boot!

Additionsstyle said...

Great pieces! I love the bohemian scarf, great colors.
Everyday Inspired

Zu said...

I love scrap projects. There's something satisfying about knowing that that special creation was made using what could have been discarded. Makes me feel like I'm recycling or saving the earth. hehe
Waste not, want not!

Nancy said...

Hi- new follower here! Love the blog, visiting via twitter from Valerie's post:)
Beautiful! I especially love that last purple cowl:) This is a great idea- kind of reminds me of the multicolored scarves I used to knit.