February 1, 2012

Workout Wednesday - Progress Report

Say hello to my little friend. Her name is Mia. I think I love her! Mia is the item I decided to "reward" myself with for sticking to my Workout Wednesday goals. I think, if you don't reward yourself along the way then what fun is it?! So I allowed myself to purchase Mia over the weekend and so far we're on our honeymoon. If you don't know, Mia is A Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System and she's wonderful. She works with your skin to help your cleanser pentrate more deeply and cleanse better than most other methods of cleansing your skin. It may be all in my mind, but I already see a difference in my skin when I wake in the morning and I've only been using it for 3 days!

But enough about my reward, you want to know why I'm rewarding myself so let's get to that part. When January began I told you that I wanted to enter the new year with goals of being healthier as well as more active. I'm a crocheter, that means I sit a lot, I'm also an assistant so again, I sit most of the day. Sitting is not good for you so I work on getting up every couple of hours to make sure I'm not causing myself irreparble damage. I started with setting a few goals. I don't expect to get to my goals right way because I'm working everything into a natural process for me. However, I do keep those goals in mind whenever I'm doing anything that I think can help me along the way.

Photo courtesy of TeamsterNation
The first thing was water. I have never been a water drinker, I have always had water when that was the only option. Oh how things have changed. After doing a bit of research I started challenging myself to drink at least 4 8-ounce glasses of water everyday in the form of two 16.9 oz. bottles of water. I'm happy to report I'm still drinking 2 bottles a day and in-between I drink herbal teas and some juice. I work on not drinking too much juice because of the sugar content. So goal number one is sticking!!

The second thing was walking. That's a big one for me because I just don't like having to make a whole production out of working out. However, on Monday, January 25th I got up, threw on some shorts and a tank, my walking shes, got on the treadmill and started 10-mins a day in the morning and .25 miles. I put my headphones on and it was a breeze! So ever since then I have been steadily increasing my time and my speed so that I can set a mileage goal and not just a "do it" goal. This morning I did 17 minutes and .8 miles! I have miles to go, but I think I'm on track and I'm feeling great!!

 - Bust 34: goal 34
 - Waist 29.5 (down from 30): goal 25
 - Hips 37.5: goal 35
 - Weight 119 (down from 123): goal between 115 & 120

I hope that in some way I'm inspiring you to get moving with something you've always wanted to do, starting with one small step. Work youself into it and see what happens. I promise you'll be happier you did. I'd also love to hear about your journey.

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