April 17, 2008

Growing on the road

The other day I was on the train going to work and I was working on this project. As I worked away, I noticed that some people were reading the newspaper, playing cards, sleeping and studying. I thought to myself, what a great way to get to work. After doing what you want while you get there, you're ready for the day! Not only are we keeping all our cars off the road for the hour + it would take us to get to work, but we get to have fun. . . anyway, as I was saying, I started Sugar Cubes Orange on Tuesday evening and it's growing on the road. Back and forth to work, and at lunch. I suppose I'll have the pattern written and posted by tomorrow evening and my new project ready for it's Etsy showing by Sunday (I'll be in NYC on Sat).

Doesn't she look lovely?

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